The Can Am M1 C by LMP-Engineering was inspired by Can Am racing cars which raced in the 1966-1972 Canadian-American Challenge Cup (CAN AM).Original cars of that era are difficult to find, expensive to buy and maintain. But they are most fun to drive due their aura of engineering, sound and performance.


Therefore the overall idea was born to recreate Can Am cars using a more modern drivetrain for track day racing with only one purpose................

       .........Enjoyment of big V8 power racing  with minimum maitenance


The Can Am cars by LMP Engineering are created using the latest 3D-CAD hybrid modeling software techniques in combination with CAD/CAM production technologies such as 3D-Tube Laser cutting and bending, 3D-Machining,  Surface Scanning and Creation. Every detail of the car is assembled with passion and only with new, high end and proprietry  components.